If you are planning to elope, then this is the fun part. I actually believe that the entire elopement planning process is enjoyable, but choosing your elopement destination definitely stands out! You are selecting where to commit your lives to each other on one of your most important days! The selection process shouldn’t be random or stressful, and it doesn’t need to copy anyone else. Here are my best tips for choosing a dream elopement location that you’ll love!

couple walks along Arizona sunset outdoor elopement location

How to Find the Elopement Location of Your Dreams

Even if we don’t have any specifics, there’s always a way to find a starting point in your elopement location decision. This is the process I walk my couple’s through as we narrow down the location that means the most to them!

Tip #1 Choose an Elopement Location You Love

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This may seem like a no-brainer, but I often remind my couples from the start that it’s OK to think big! Begin with spots that excite you the most even if it feels unrealistic. You should love everything about your elopement destination. Together, as your elopement planner, we’ll see which options are available within your budget! 

I firmly believe that it is possible to prioritize the experience you desire over anything else. Starting with this mindset will set you on the right path towards the elopement location of both your dreams and your budget!

Tip #2 Envision Your Day

couple holds hands in green wildflower fields

Now that you know anything is possible, the next step is to actually envision your day. Even without particulars, you can come up with general ideas of what you do and don’t prefer.

Knowing these basics will start you on the path towards picturing your day. The answers will also guide the type of location we lean towards. Listen to your heart for which elopement ideas truly make you happy!

Purposefully select the elements of highest priority to each of you and communicate with one another your wants, needs, and preferences. The point where your interests and likes intersect is how we will narrow down your elopement location!  

Tip #3 Create a Day That Represents the Two of You

couple twirls in snow at Grand Canyon elopement location

Pick a location that represents who you two are as a couple. What does that mean exactly? It means thinking back to the start of your love story.

  • Where did you first meet?
  • Where did you go for your first date?
  • What are your favorite kinds of vacations?
  • What is an activity that you love doing together?

A location that represents the two of you ties everything back to your love story. And it’s OK if only the two of you know that connection! The day is centered around your love and the start of your next big adventure–marriage. This is the first day of your lives together so it should represent both of you as a unit! 

Is there a special place where you most feel at home, such as the beach or a forest? You can choose from some of the most romantic elopement destinations we can find and narrow it down to the type of elopement location that you enjoy the most! It can even be one completely new to you like the Dolomites in Italy or the black sand beaches of Iceland!

Tip #4 Let Your Elopement Photographer Pick a Spot for You!

couple walks along path at sunset Flagstaff Arizona outdoor elopement location

Even if you provide a vague description in answer to all of the previous questions, I will still have so many unique wedding location ideas! For example, if you want to feel like a tiny ant lost in a big location, I can suggest areas that you might have never thought of before like the Redwood National Park!

One secret I’m excited to share with my couples is that you can always settle on more than one location! If your top two elopement location options are close to each other then you can always explore different areas in a single elopement day.

Tip #5 Choose a Meaningful Elopement Location

couple walks along sunset Arizona rocks at elopement location

Even if it’s off the beaten path, which is generally what I recommend for privacy, the location of your elopement shouldn’t be a random spot. Whether you choose one or I find it for you, it should speak to both of you. It can be a destination that is one of your favorites or somewhere completely new!

Once you’ve narrowed down your elopement location ideas, I will share a guide with recommendations specific to that location. We’ll look for possibilities that will ensure an intimate wedding location that’s less likely to have passersby interrupting your special ceremony.

This is one of the biggest steps in planning an elopement because you’re choosing where to say “I do” to each other for forever. It’s a place you get to look back on and revisit for the rest of your lives.

It’s OK if you literally have zero ideas for where to elope! I’m here to help!

Hey, I’m Kelcee!

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Your elopement is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, and you deserve the support to make it uniquely yours. Together, we’ll create quality memories that beautifully tell your love story, lasting a lifetime.