If you’re looking for a beautiful place to elope in Sedona with epic scenery and a stunning view of the sunset, Bell Rock is one of my absolute favorite places to get married in Sedona. This location is perfect for couples who want an intimate and scenic backdrop for their special day.

Bride and groom standing on Baby Bell Rock looking at Cathedral Rock for their sunset sedona elopement

Bell Rock Elopement Portraits in Sedona

Stephanie & Adam had a courthouse wedding in Illinois but knew they wanted something more adventurous to celebrate their marriage. So, they packed their bags, purchased new wedding attire, and flew to Sedona for an elopement photo session that was nothing short of magical.

We started the day with their first look, and let me tell you, it was a moment filled with so much excitement and emotion. The spring winds in Sedona were in full force, giving Stephanie’s hair and dress a life of their own—adding an unexpected but beautifully dynamic element to their photos.

As we explored the rugged beauty around Baby Bell Rock, Stephanie and Adam’s joy was absolutely contagious. Despite the crazy windy conditions, they embraced the adventure wholeheartedly, making for some truly unforgettable and candid moments.

Sunset Sedona Elopement Photos at Baby Bell Rock

Bell Rock, with its dramatic landscape and vibrant colors, provided the perfect setting for their Sedona elopement photos. As the sun began to set behind Cathedral Rock, the golden hour glow added a beautiful warm to their emotional photos.

We spent the day playing around the rock formations, capturing both posed portraits and fun spontaneous moments. Stephanie’s dress flowed gracefully in the wind, and Adam couldn’t take his eyes off her. It was clear that this adventurous elopement was a perfect reflection of their adventurous spirits and deep connection.

If you’re considering an elopement in Sedona, Bell Rock offers a blend of natural beauty and intimate seclusion that’s hard to beat. From the vibrant sunsets to the striking red rock formations, every corner of this location promises breathtaking views and unforgettable memories. Whether you’re planning to elope in Sedona or have an intimate Bell Rock Sedona wedding, this location won’t disappoint.

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