If you’ve never been to Cathedral Rock in Sedona Arizona, one of the most popular hiking trails, then let me tell you some tips I learned during this elopement!

Planning for how the weather would turn out a week before this wedding, the weather app warned me about nonstop rain. Out of all the sunny days that week it HAD to rain on my scheduled wedding day! But rain or shine, I was going to keep going until we couldn’t anymore.

I always advise my couples to be OVER prepared. As an experienced elopement photographer, you always have to be prepared for whatever nature brings! That’s why I’m always communicating with my couples on the essentials they should pack with them, as well as looking over how the weather and trail conditions will be for our adventure.

So no matter what the day throws our way — from an overflowing parking lot at Cathedral Rock, to freezing temps, to a little rain, they’re prepared and SO ready for an adventurous day. That’s exactly what Desti and Garret got!

We met at a parking lot away from the trail because the parking lot, especially on the weekends, is OVER PACKED and the side of the road is too small to even fit a single person walk up and down the street. The weather was super windy and cold so Desti and Garret hopped into my car with heated seats and cruised down to the overflowing parking lot.

With our fingers crossed and Jesus in our prayers, God was on our side! We found the ONE open spot and took it immediately! We were ready for our adventure up the mountain.


We began our day with bridal shots at the foot of the mountain. It was cold, windy, and starting to sprinkle. Desti brought her family made native blanket and wanted to incorporate it into some photos.


Desti and Garret were snuggling in their beautiful turquoise blanket escaping the cold when the light sprinkling rain turned into a downpour!

I had Desti and Garret grab their umbrella and I came prepared by wrapping my camera equipment with plastic bags and continued capturing their love. No way was rain going to stop their adventure together!

After about 15 minutes of rain the downpour stopped and we were able to start hiking the mountain.. Or so we thought.


Even with proper hiking shoes we did not expect Cathedral Rock to be more a climb than a hike! With the rain and slippery soft cliffs I did not want to risk my couple hurting themselves from trying to climb up this mountain. So we took a break under a little overhang the next level above us as the rain started and stopped sprinkling and pouring.

After a snack break and more photos later we were ready to slowly and carefully slide back down to the foot of the mountain.


Our goal was to exchange vows at the top of the mountain outlooking the beautiful Sedona trees. But because of the unplanned weather and safety concerns we explored another trail connected to the foot of the mountain and found a private spot looking up at Cathedral Rock with no by passers.

Things didn’t go to plan but being prepared to roll with the weather and having a backup plan is the reason these two still had an amazing and memorable day and was able to experience the adventure they were looking for. A daring adventure climbing slippery slopes, learning more about each other and their relationship and trust for one another.

I can’t wait to explore Cathedral Rock again! And maybe have the opportunity to capture the beautiful scenery at the top of the hike. If you’re interested in experiencing your own Cathedral Rock or Sedona elopement, reach out! I’d be honored to help craft your perfect dream wedding.

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  1. Way for the three of you to stick it out AND be safe about it! Love the way these turned out and it seems like they still had a great Sedona adventure despite the rain!

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