How to Choose the Perfect Wedding Venue

Searching for the perfect wedding venue is one of the first things any couple does on their planning checklist. Your venue is a place where everything you’ve been dreaming of comes together and you can celebrate with all your friends and family in one spot.

But choosing your wedding venue can be difficult. There are so many options to choose from – rustic boho, farm house, modern warehouse, even a scenic view on the beach.

Don’t start stressing yet, because these tips on how to choose the perfect wedding venue may help you during your search!


By now before you even started touring venues or price shopping you’ve probably created some type of inspiration board. What does that mood board look like? Do you have photos of fairy lights strung across the outside trees? Green eucalyptus leaves spread across long tables? All white decorations under a tent?

Take a look at what really speaks to your heart when looking at photos. Whatever you can imagine your wedding day looking like in those photos, keep that in mind when touring venues.

If you’re planning a modern wedding, look for a downtown city venue or a warehouse space in the desert. Or maybe you’re planning a boho forest wedding? Check out some venues that have natural lighting, lots of greenery (or where you can hang lots of greenery), or consider a spot in the forest or at a farm?

Choose the perfect wedding venue that fits with your wedding theme will help you feel more connected when wedding planning.


Your wedding budget will greatly affect the type of wedding venues you look at and possibly select.

Wedding venues typically offer three to four different packages and prices to choose from with different experiences included. So it’s always a good thing to come prepared with some answered questions like “how many people are we going to invite”. “Do we want to use the in-house catering?”.

Keeping these questions in mind will help you determine how much you actually want to spend on a venue.

Yes your heart may absolutely be in love with one wedding venue that tied your wedding dreams together, but if you prefer to stick to a budget it would not be a good idea to purge on an expense that big when you still have to plan for other things, like hiring vendors and scheduling dress alterations.


Relating to your budget, knowing your guest list will help you choose the perfect wedding venue. Wedding venue packages are priced for how many people you can invite before you have to pay an extra fee per person (for example: priced for 100 guests. $20 per person, up to 250 max).

When planning your guest list and wedding venue search, you also want to ask what the maximum capacity of a room is and what the layout can look like depending on the amount of guests invited.

One question you may ask is “what number of guests is the most successful in this space?” “If this space is comfortable for a specific amount of people, will there be enough walking and dancing space?”

Just because you can fit 200 people in a venue doesn’t mean you should. Take in consideration the different layout options and what you would want your reception space to look with the amount of guests you plan to invite.


Remember when I mentioned wedding venues offer different wedding packages? Well the limited number of guests aren’t the only difference between the price.

Each package is meant for a different wedding experience.

The basic wedding package often includes tables, chairs, a soda bar, table linens & tablescape, and bride & groom getting ready rooms.

The middle package (often the most popular) has everything mentioned above with new items like maybe a inhouse DJ, photographer, bartender and catering.

Lastly, the most expensive package is the all exclusive package with almost everything you’ll need for your wedding day including a florist, a wedding arch, a getaway car, dessert table, or other amazing things you could dream of.

Take a look and compare each package your perfect wedding venue includes and choose which one fits in your budget and what you want to include during your special day.

Play around with what numbers total to be comparing the all exclusive package and choosing the smallest package and hiring outside vendors would look like.

Remember to listen to your heart, stick to what your dream wedding vision is, and stay within your budget (if you prefer).


Sometimes when you think you have found the perfect wedding venue you forget to take into consideration travel for yourself and your friends and family visiting out of state.

Do they have enough parking for everyone? Where is the closest hotel?

Another thing to consider is how accessible the venue is. Is it easy to spot out and not get lost when driving? If your wedding is on a farm, does your handicap family member need to walk down a long dirt driveway?


Your wedding day is the day you commit your love to your best friend forever! Having a great experience throughout your day is the most important part of your wedding.

When choosing the perfect wedding venue does it include the perfect space to get ready on location? Are you able to have a first look away from guests before the ceremony? Will they have outdoor heaters if weather is too cold during your winter wedding?

What about your guests? Does the venue have a big enough dance floor? Where is the bar located? How does the venue handle hungry guests during dinner?

When walking through a potential wedding venue think about these things from the moment you get out of your car to the end of your walk. Imagine your wedding day in every room and if it fits your wedding vision or if there’s something missing.


Of course when you plan your wedding you want everything from your Pinterest board to come to life during your special day, but remember that your wedding is a reflection of you and your awesome relationship!

It is important to remember what feels authentic to you as a couple and what represents your relationship best.

Another thing to remember is to think back to the thoughts you had while touring multiple wedding venues. What filled your heart the most? What red flags did a specific venue had that others may have? What do the previous bride’s reviews say about the venue and workers?

Choosing the perfect venue can be stressful but can also be so much fun envisioning your special day with your partner. Listen to your heart. You will know when you find the perfect space to celebrate marrying your bestest friend, trust me friend ♡.


dream up your perfect wedding day

After touring a handful of wedding venues I am sure you are overwhelmed and not sure which venue to choose for your big celebration. Remember to think about everything you’re looking forward to – decorations, wedding theme, space for dancing, floristry, photo booths, catering, cute stationery, and the overall experience.

When choosing the perfect wedding venue that’s right for you remember to relax, take it slow, listen to your heart, and enjoy the experience of officially starting your next big adventure with your forever partner!

This experience is fun and not stressful. So take a deep breath and remember to choose what makes you happy!



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