This was just the first part. Erika and Areya decided to split their elopement into a multi-day experience starting with an adventure! They didn’t want to cut any part of it short so they booked an elopement package that allowed for a two-day experience (Digital Creative Media shot day 2!). I was so excited to literally be brought along for the ride to capture their elopement off-roading adventure in Sedona!

couple stands at sunset cliff edge at Sedona off-roading adventure

What an Off-Roading Adventure Elopement Looks Like

couple rides in Jeep for off-roading adventure elopement

I love it when couples go with an elopement activity that’s super meaningful to their love story or when they choose something completely new! These two are originally from Chicago so the only bumpy roads they had experienced were city potholes! This meant that their off-roading adventure would be a shared new experience for both of them.

groom goes into pink Jeep for off-roading adventure elopement

Erika and Areya went with Pink Jeep Tours, a tour company that provides Sedona off-roading tours. The couple turned theirs into a private affair renting two jeeps split between 10 guests. It was so fun adventuring to their off-roading location!

It was a four hour tour filled with bouncing in your seat and climbing up rocks in the Jeep on unmaintained dirt roads. It’s definitely not a suitable adventure for anyone prone to car sickness. This was followed by stopping for about a 10-minute hike to one of my favorite sunset locations in Sedona to do their ceremony (contact me to find out where!). You will need a 4×4 high clearance vehicle to get there following an hour-long drive (one way) off roading in Arizona.

couple walks along Sedona trail at sunset elopement

Including Wedding Traditions on a Non-Traditional Day

Filipino wedding traditions during ceremony

Inviting this small group of close friends and family meant being able to include them in Filipino wedding traditions such as the veil and cord unity ceremony. According to BRIDES, this is when “godparents drape a ceremonial lace veil over the bride’s head and the groom’s shoulder to symbolize being clothed as one. A ceremonial cord is then wrapped around the couple in a figure-eight pattern, which symbolizes an eternal bond of fidelity.” The veil marks how they will continue to hold their love together!

After Erika and Areya’s sunset ceremony, we took some group portraits surrounding them with love from their friends and family.

That’s what adventurous elopements look like when you include guests and your own family heritage!

family cheers beside couple at Sedona elopement
couple laughs under veil at sunset elopement

Adding Some Fun When Two Become One

Following the group photos, the couple went off for an intimate moment together. I took them to another beautiful spot overlooking the endless miles of Sedona scenery to celebrate their marriage just the two of them. The sunset is so beautiful there and it includes a fun “hole in the wall” spot for epic portraits.

Erika is afraid of heights and didn’t want to stand too close to the edge on top of the famous Sedona photography spot. But, it still looked amazing! Erika and Areya took in all the beautiful views during their sweet private time together. Golden hour lit the sky as we drove back down the dirt road to return the Jeeps before it got too dark.

I loved everything about this day: the off-roading adventure, the Sedona wedding location, the hike, the lighting, the scenery and of course the couple themselves. I could spend endless time off-roading and exploring this beautiful location.

couple poses at Sedona overlook

Although it was literally a bumpy ride to the ceremony (which we all enjoyed!), the day was nothing but endless smiles, laughs, and the making of forever memories.

Let’s touch base about planning your own off-roading adventure elopement at this amazing Sedona spot!

sunset over Sedona red rocks
couple rides in Jeep at Sedona off-roading adventure
couple walks together at Sedona off-roading adventure
couple poses together at Sedona off-roading adventure

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