Embark on a breathtaking adventure and delve into the unparalleled beauty of a Grand Canyon elopement—a truly awe-inspiring experience that will leave you breathless. Located in Page, Arizona, just 4 – 6 hours North of Phoenix, this majestic national park offers miles of breathtaking vistas and captivating views of the Colorado River. With its vibrant colors and unique shapes carved over 5 – 6 million years, the Grand Canyon is one of the most jaw-dropping locations to elope in Arizona.

At up to 270 miles long, stretching up to 18 miles wide, and plummeting a mile deep from the edge, the Grand Canyon stands as one of the world’s largest canyons. Your elopement amidst this remarkable landscape will be an extraordinary celebration of love, captured against the backdrop of this beautiful natural wonder.

Whether you envision an intimate ceremony overlooking the vast expanse or wish to exchange vows at one of the canyon’s hidden gems, the Grand Canyon promises an unforgettable experience. Imagine a rim to rim hiking experience, flying in a helicopter to experience a birds eye view, or kayaking in the Colorado river below. This location is full of adventure and unique views for your elopement.


Planning your dream elopement at the Grand Canyon is not only an unforgettable experience but also can be budget-friendly!

The current vehicle permit to enter this National Park elopement location is just $35 (US Dollars). If you prefer alternative modes of entry, such as a motorcycle, bus, or bicycle, entrance fees may vary accordingly. If you are an American the Beautiful annual pass holder, the entry free is free with no additional charges.

However, if you’re considering tying the knot within the national park, it’s essential to obtain a wedding permit for one of their pre-approved locations. Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered with a list of these stunning spots.

As you plan your extraordinary Grand Canyon elopement, keep in mind these essential details that are not allowed at any location:

  • No props
  • No tables
  • No flowers
  • No amplified sound
  • No balloons
  • No drones (no fly zone)
  • Large signs
Bride and groom watching the sunset elopement at the Grand Canyon National Park South Rim in Page Arizona


While many scenic viewpoints and facilities boast rugged terrains with rocky trails, narrow paths, and stunning cliffs nearby, wheelchair-accessible Shuttle Buses are available at both the South and North Rim to accommodate all adventurers.

For a more intimate experience, consider planning your elopement on weekdays and away from holidays or weekends to avoid large crowds and immerse yourselves in the serenity of this magnificent National Park.

Weather also plays a significant role in the number of visitors exploring the Grand Canyon. During cold, foggy, or rainy days, many people retreat to their cars, providing you with a chance to embrace the change in temperature and even carry an umbrella while exploring with your loved one.

To ensure a ceremony away from curious onlookers, opt for a hike to a nearby flat ground where fewer people venture, taking care to observe any signs that may prohibit access.

While adventuring is encouraged, hiking beyond the paved areas in foggy or slippery conditions is not recommended for safety reasons. Your experience at the Grand Canyon should be filled with cherished memories and breathtaking moments, surrounded by nature’s grandeur and the love you share.

Grand Canyon Adventure Elopement


Whether you dream of exchanging vows at the South Rim’s Lipan Point or finding serenity amidst the stunning vistas of Cape Royal at the North Rim, these magical spots promise to create everlasting memories on your special day.

Lipan Point

Eloping at Lipan Point at the Grand Canyon promises an enchanting experience, especially for sunset ceremonies with stunning vistas of the Grand Canyon and the Colorado River. For a more intimate and secluded celebration, there’s a private spot tucked away behind some trees, away from the tourist crowds.

As the golden hour casts its magical glow, you’ll witness multiple peaks of the Canyon, lush green trees, and the breathtaking sensation of sitting at the edge of the world, making this spot truly unforgettable.

Moran Point

Eloping at Moran Point offers the perfect blend of seclusion and accessibility, making it an ideal ceremony spot for those seeking to escape the tourist crowds and witness stunning views the Grand Canyon South Rim has to offer.

This viewpoint provides options for all, as you can hike down to a private flat spot below the paved walkway (if no signs prohibit) for an intimate ceremony, while guests not comfortable with steep hikes can still witness the celebration from above. Alternatively, you can choose to stay near the paved area and still enjoy a beautiful view. The nearby enchanting forest provides a picturesque backdrop for adorable photos, capturing the Colorado River below, ensuring privacy, and creating stunning sunset memories.

Grandeur Point

Grandeur Point offers a breathtaking and easily accessible ceremony spot, just 0.4 miles west of Yavapai Point parking lot. A short 5-10 minute walk leads you to the lookout, where the view is nothing short of incredible. However, if you plan to wear heels, be mindful of a slight drop from the pavement to the flat rocky area.

Despite this, Grandeur Point remains one of my personal favorites, as it truly makes you feel like you’re on the edge of the world!


Although I personally prefer sunrise at the Grand Canyon because of how the light shines into the beautiful vistas, your permit allows you to elope between the hours of 3 – 6pm at your reserved ceremony location.

If you are wanting photos during a different time of the day you are not required a permit to take portraits in your wedding attire. It is only during the ceremony where you legally get married and sign your marriage license you are given specific times for your photos.

Here Are Some Examples of What Sunrise and Sunset Look Like at the Grand Canyon




There are lots of other activities you can experience during your adventure at the Grand Canyon besides driving to different viewpoints to look at different scenery and take portraits.

  • Learn about the Grand Canyon’s history: Meet with park rangers to learn about the history, nature, science, and culture of the Grand Canyon.
  • Explore the Grand Canyon Village: On the Eastern side of the South Rim, you’ll find a little town with a movie theatre, food stops, and a hotel, providing historic and convenient options for your stay.
  • Hiking: There are many hiking trails in the Grand Canyon from a scenic 7-mile hike with multiple outlooks along the rim or a challenging hike down to the bottom of the canyon. Proper planning, training, and supplies are essential for this rewarding experience.
  • Mule Trips: Take a 3-hour journey along the canyon rim by riding a mule.
  • Rafting on the Colorado River: Experience smooth water or whitewater rafting on the Colorado River. Make sure to reserve in advance for a summer adventure.
  • Grand Canyon Railway: Enjoy a train ride from Williams, Arizona, to the Grand Canyon, offering an alternate and fun way to avoid traffic and parking hassles.
  • Helicopter Ride: Witness the Grand Canyon from a bird’s-eye perspective with a helicopter ride, a breathtaking experience that few get to enjoy. Don’t miss the opportunity to see the Red Rocks of Sedona or other parts of Arizona from above as well.
  • Skydiving: If you’re a thrill seeker and want to jump out of an airplane and get a Birdseye view of the Grand Canyon, why not check off two bucket list items at once?


Hey, I’m Kelcee!

As an Arizona born and raised local I’ve been to the Grand Canyon throughout my life and know some of the best locations and tip for eloping at the Grand Canyon!

I’m here to help you with all things adventure & elopements. From recommending your ceremony location to applying for your permit, I’ll help you plan your best day ever.

Your elopement is the experience of a lifetime and you deserve not only the support for doing what you love but also the best quality photos that tell your love story that will last a lifetime.


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