I don’t have to tell you that marriage is a leap of faith. There are many ways to visually show the importance of this commitment on your wedding day through unity candles or other symbolic activities. But, there’s only one way to literally jump into marriage that illustrates this act of faith better than anything else: SKYDIVING. Adventurous elopements are meant to provide a unique wedding experience and these two fell right into it at their desert skydiving elopement! 

Why Skydiving: Adventurous Elopements That Couples Can’t Resist

When your photography beliefs are built on the idea of escaping reality and adventuring throughout the amazing world we live in, it’s easy to find couples like Naomi and Jamie. I didn’t know them before they inquired, but we created a strong friendship in a short period of time. Working with them was like hanging out with a good friend which is the goal of my relationship with all of my couples.

Naomi and Jamie knew that a traditional wedding wasn’t for them, so going the adventurous elopements route was a must! Jamie had been skydiving once before, but this was Naomi’s first time! In the bride’s words, it was her own “harebrained idea” to do it on their wedding day after talking about it ever since the start of their relationship. 

I was literally counting down the days until this skydiving adventure elopement. I couldn’t wait to try something new and photograph such a unique elopement! I love that my couples take me on some adventures that all of us have never experienced before. 

Skydiving Wedding: A Love Story Up in the Air

When I first met Naomi as she was getting ready on the elopement day, I couldn’t stop smiling. I had been involved with their planning process from the beginning including the timeline creation. My heart jumped for joy in seeing it all coming together! 

The couple wanted an Arizona elopement close to their family and their skydiving spot so the White Tank Mountains became the perfect wedding ceremony location. I did in-person scouting of different locations that were both accessible and off-trail enough from other hikers. This West Phoenix park has many options fit for adventurous elopements and the couple selected a good one!

This elopement adventure inspired and pushed my photography to the next level. It was a completely different wedding experience so I rented a unique lens to crisply capture their shots from the ground while they fell from 10,000 feet! My second photographer was even allowed to join them from the co-pilot’s seat to capture Naomi and Jamie jumping out of the plane! 

The couple’s wedding timeline was based on the six-hour package that N + J chose. We ended up celebrating Naomi & Jamie’s elopement in eight hours instead of six due to traffic and how long it took to prepare for the skydive, waiting for the plane to be ready, and the commute from ground level to 10,000 feet in the air and back down again. After this day, I would recommend that any similar adventurous elopements that include multiple locations and activities to at the very least include an eight-hour elopement package. This will allow for flexibility if wait times are longer than expected for the activity and to factor in travel time between locations. 

Wedding Timeline Example for a Skydiving Elopement Adventure 

  • 8AM – Getting ready
  • 9:15 AM – Leave for ceremony
  • 10 AM – Ceremony begins
  • 10:30 AM – Ceremony ends. Group Portraits
  • 11 AM – Leave for Airport
  • 12 PM – Arrive at Airport.
  • 1:30 PM – Skydiving
  • 2 PM – Portraits
  • 6:45 PM: Star photos with couple.
  • 3PM – Back to Jamie’s parents’ house for lunch and marriage license signing

Following the end of their photo coverage, they also had a small backyard reception at Naomi’s parents’ house! 

How to Turn Your Wedding into an Elopement Adventure

Choosing the path of adventurous elopements for your wedding day automatically means that you have to factor in some flexibility. Adding wiggle room into your schedule and your mindset for the day is the best way to prepare for an adventure! That’s why, as your elopement planner, it’s always my goal to become your #1 supporter throughout the entire planning process. 

Here are some Wedding Day Tips we learned from this adventure: 

Totally Include Guests!

N + J invited 20 of their closest friends and family members to witness their marriage.

Work With Reputable Adventure Companies

Skydive Buckeye was very generous and allowed us to photograph the couple’s newlywed portraits beside the plane that they jumped out of which was completely unplanned! They had also rented a Mustang convertible so this allowed for portraits taken with the car too. These opportunities helped make up for the fact that we had been rushed from their newlywed portraits at their ceremony location due to the day running late.

Do Your Research

I learned that the weather and the wind are the biggest factors in planning skydiving. The wind was so much stronger than we expected that I had to be held to stop me from getting pushed around while photographing the jump! Here is more info on tandem skydiving and great beginner tips on skydiving!

Buy Outfits That Fit the Activity

N + J wore matching skydiving outfits because they could not have jumped in their wedding attire. You do not have to be in a wedding dress or suit your whole wedding day! Wear what fits your personality and what you enjoy being photographed in!

When You Know Adventurous Elopements Fit You

As you choose from the many adventurous elopements out there, I always give my couples the same piece of advice: go with the adventure that fits you, don’t try to fit yourself into the adventure. 

Even though I highly recommend a skydiving elopement to any and all couples, that doesn’t mean it is the perfect fit for you. If there’s something else on your bucket list, then why not do it on your wedding day?! I personally believe that doing your chosen activity on your wedding day is even more meaningful than just crossing it off your bucket list randomly.

If there’s something else on your bucket list, then why not do it on your wedding day?! I personally believe that doing your chosen activity on your wedding day is even more meaningful than just crossing it off your bucket list randomly.

If you’re open to anything that may come your way in going the adventurous activity route then you are already halfway to planning your own day! Remember that just because you are eloping, this doesn’t mean that your day will be stress-free. All weddings will have stress! An elopement will provide more freedom and space to adjust in the moment. You won’t have a super strict timeline to follow and you can do what you two really want to do!

Embrace the extra time you have together in those unexpected moments. I’ll be along for the ride to capture your forever memories in a way that’s unapologetically you!

Do you have an adventure in mind? I would love to start planning your big day with you! 

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