These two had a clear vision for their day from the start. This stemmed from the knowledge that having a big wedding to celebrate their marriage wasn’t really who they are. That’s why they decided to elope instead! Laynee and Adam were not afraid to be their goofy selves because they wanted to have a day that reflected them. See how lucky I was to capture this personalized sunrise Sedona elopement!

A Clear Vision for a Sunrise Sedona Adventurous Elopement Day

couple exchanges vows during sunrise Sedona elopement

Laynee described their Sedona elopement vision as a “go-with-the-flow, stress-free day! We plan to take in every moment and have an amazing, special, intimate time.” As we started their sunrise Sedona elopement planning, they had to select the location, timeline and guest list.

Coming from Nashville, Tennessee, Laynee explained that “we wanted something different and unique…so the desert landscape seemed like a perfect place. We love the beautiful views!”

couple kisses with family at sunrise Sedona elopement

Laynee shared their specific timeline wishes: “we want to wake up, and start getting wedding-day ready, have some first look moments with each other and family, go to our first location and have an intimate ceremony, then just enjoy the rest of our time taking pictures and taking in the beautiful landscapes, enjoying a picnic at some point…then more pics and adventuring.”

When it came to the guest list, the couple had a hard time narrowing it down or finding Sedona wedding locations large enough for a full guest list. Time restrictions forced on their getting-ready time and the ceremony was another big reason why they didn’t choose to have a traditional wedding.

Laynee and Adam wanted the day to remain intimate and about them. As Laynee explained, “we have been together for 11 years (met in high school) and want our special moment to be just us.” This included inviting both sets of parents for the ceremony (plus an officiant) and getting-ready part of the day.

couple stands with family at sunrise Sedona elopement

Quick Elopement Tip

Choosing to elope doesn’t mean that you don’t want friends and family there. It may just mean that you have too many friends and family to choose from! For Laynee and Adam, “we’ve made so many friends and relationships with people, that our guest list was just overwhelming. We also don’t want to worry about hurting anyone’s feelings by not inviting them.”

Instead of announcing their elopement to the world, they chose instead to tell some family and close friends, and use their Sedona elopement photos for their announcement! This was followed by a celebration with all their friends and family a month after the elopement.

Sunrise Sedona Timeline & Tips

  • Laynee got ready with her mom at a local private studio with a hair and makeup artist. Adam got ready at their Vrbo with Laynee’s dad.
  • Laynee did a first look with her dad and then with Adam at the Vrbo.
bride and groom get ready in front of mirrors
  • They had the most beautiful and peaceful ceremony as the sun rose in a private spot along a trail in Sedona. Following the ceremony with both sets of parents present, the newlyweds exchanged private vows and then did family portraits.
  • Afterwards, champagne and cake was shared at a relaxing picnic breakfast with the family!
couple exchanges vows at outdoor Arizona elopement
couple exchanges vows at outdoor Arizona elopement
  • Sedona requires shuttles to popular hiking trails during busy season because the parking lots can’t accommodate the high volume of visitors. When we left the family for our picnic and portrait location we actually missed the shuttle! Thankfully, we were able to hitch a ride with Laynee’s mom and later in the back of a stranger’s truck!. It’s important to factor in a time buffer when planning your wedding photography timeline.
couple catches a ride in back of truck at outdoor Arizona elopement
  • From the trailhead, we hiked about 20 minutes to a picnic location in Seven Sacred Pools. I captured some moments from their picnic and then gave them time to enjoy privacy away from cameras.
couple has picnic at sunrise Sedona elopement
  • The couple changed after this into fun outfits for portraits that they would later wear at their elopement after-party with friends and family. I loved how their matching shoes and coordinating black outfits matched their personalities so well!
couple embraces beside rock at outdoor elopement
  • A sunrise Sedona elopement is highly recommended when eloping in the fall due to high tourism (October is the busiest month).
couple walks along Arizona monuments at sunrise Sedona elopement

Boho Vibes for a Sedona Arizona Desert Chic Elopement

boho chic fall color wedding accessories

When you’re a couple that loves to travel and do anything outdoors then an elopement is definitely in your future! Laynee and Adam love camping and hiking trails through the woods. Laynee explained, “we enjoy lengthy hikes more than steep but we enjoy a view most of all. We love sunrises and sunsets and will do anything for a view!”

They chose to elope in Sedona Arizona because of a shared love for the Arizona landscape. It was their desire to be surrounded by red rock formations, canyon walls, greenery, and do shots from the road with the desert landscape in the background.

Inspired by the natural colors of their sunrise Sedona surroundings, they went for all of the boho wedding decor ideas with a fall wedding color palette including blacks, dark browns, and rust orange. They caught all of the fall-themed boho vibes with their flowers including pampas grass, baby’s breath, greenery and dark orange flowers.

A Unique Day That was Long in Coming

My favorite part of the day was THEM! Laynee and Adam are such a dream couple. Our personalities matched perfectly making them so much fun to hang out with. We were able to crack jokes with each other throughout the entire day. It was easy for them to even forget that I was around at times because they were so into experiencing the day together.

We ended the day by saying our goodbyes while happy tears (from me) were shed. The lovebirds later gifted me a camera lens coffee mug which has become my favorite mug along with a Starbucks gift card because they knew how much I love hot chocolate. Now it’s my turn to adventure to Tennessee and visit them as a follow-up to such a special day!

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