Mesa Arizona Wedding at Superstition Manor

I first met this beautiful Bride Kyla back in 2020 when I first started photography. I was taking her Halloween modeling photos dressed up as a Vampire Witch and ever since that super fun photoshoot we’ve stayed connected.

Fast forward to 2021 Kyla reached out about me capturing her wedding day in Mesa Arizona at Superstition Manor in early 2022.

I obviously had to say yes – because who wouldn’t say no to such an amazing opportunity to capture not just someone’s wedding day but Kyla’s. An awesome woman who supported me from the beginning and her crazy cool husband!

If there was one word to describe their wedding day it would be – perfect. Everyone from the amazing couple, their supportive friends & family, to the big and little moments of photographing their unique ceremony and dancing on the dance floor, this day was nothing but a blessing to photograph and easily a wedding day I’d relive over and over again.

Getting Ready for Their Superstition Manor Wedding

What better way to get ready with your favorite people than to play pool, have a pizza party, and not lift a finger getting ready! I don’t know about you but to me that sounds like royalty! That is the exact experience Kyla & Hunter had at their Superstition Manor wedding.

Beauty By Becka Marie helped style Kyla’s hair and makeup. While the girls were getting all glamour up the guys were already ready in their handsome suit and ties eating pizza and yelling at each other on who could play pool the best. Who do you think won?

Superstition Mountain Ceremony

Kyla & Hunter did not have a first look after getting ready, so this was the first time Hunter saw Kyla while walking down the aisle. During their ceremony they had a lock and key fasting where they locked together their custom engraved locks as a symbol of their love. They even had their best friend officiate their ceremony!

Signing the Marriage License + Sunset Portraits

Family & friends that joined together to celebrate Kyla & Hunter did not come short when it came to cheering on their marriage. There were lots of laughs, inside jokes, and memories during their portrait session. After the family + bridal party portraits, we played outside Superstition Manor to get a beautiful view of the Superstition Mountain!


The reception was full of different events and fun!

They had a grand entrance, a breathtaking first dance, a garter toss where the groomsmen literally dove onto the floor to grab the garter, the bouquet toss where lots of cheering from all the ladies occurred, and guests breaking down some epic dance moves.

Kyla & Hunter did not have a sparkler exit or anything special to send them off to their honeymoon because they were having an after party at one of the guests house! So instead a few friends decorated their getaway truck… I’ll save the special message for the photos…



Hey, I’m Kelcee!

The Superstition Manor is my favorite wedding venue in Arizona. With the breathtaking view of the Superstition Mountain your wedding photos will stand out from any other.

I’m here to help you with all things weddings. From planning your wedding timeline to supporting you during your wedding day, I’ll help you take away any stress you are experiencing, and support you as your new best friend.

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