Deanna and Benji originally wanted their photos taken with me in Colorado, one of their favorite adventure locations. But after some planning Deanna decided to surprise her Fiancé with plane tickets to Arizona and visit the Superstition Mountain in Lost Dutchman State Park for their engagement photos.

When couples to travel to Arizona for me to take capture their forever memories I (no joke) start jumping up and down and screaming with joy! It is such a blessing to meet new friends from around the world and to take photos of their happiness.

We first met at the Elvis Presley Chapel next to Lost Dutchman State Park and enjoyed the view of the sun rising from our warm cars. After paying the $10 entrance fee of the state park it was time to adventure towards the Superstition Mountain!

Benji and Denna were such a fun couple to hang out with. Fun fact, Benji forgot his belt so he used an extra shoelace to hold his pants up. But you can’t see that in any photos now, can you? (wink wink)

It was both their first visit to Arizona so of course they wanted photos taken by the 125 year old Saguaro Cacti surrounding the Superstition Mountain (one of my favorite mountains in Arizona).

We explored a bit around the park. I educated Deanna and Benji some more on the Arizona Cacti, specifically our famous jumping cactus, about how you need salad tongs to take out the buds from your skin and clothes because they STICK to anyone who touches them!

We enjoyed the beautiful sunrise with a private dance.

If you are looking for a fun location in the desert I highly recommend taking photos at the Superstition Mountain for your engagement photos.

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