Planning your elopement can be stressful and leave you feeling like you’re alone during the process. You have no idea where to begin or what your day should look like.

Take a deep breathe because everything will be ok!

Here is a helpful guide with some tips to remember when planning your elopement.

Keep Your Day Personal

Your elopement is the day you commit your love to each other forever. Your elopement should reflect who you are as a couple—your love story, your interests, things you have done or dream of doing together.

Don’t go on Pinterest and copy someone else’s wedding ideas. Take inspiration of what you like from your multiple Pinterest boards (I know you have more than one) and create a style you would want to see on your elopement.

One example you can do to include a more personal touch of your relationship on your adventurous wedding day is to include a few things from your life:

  • Include an activity you like to do together (rock climbing, board games, bar hopping, hiking, etc.)
  • Bring your pets to witness your ceremony (did you know your pet can sign your marriage license in Colorado)
  • Sharing new experiences together as newlyweds.
  • Wear an outfit that you feel proud in (a black dress, a white jumpsuit, a Star Wars outfit instead of a wedding dress).
  • Create a custom music playlist you and your partner can listen to when taking portraits.

Now when it comes to wedding planning, keep in mind that a lot of your friends and family may want to help out by giving their advice or opinions on your ideas. Of course be grateful and acknowledge their kindness, but always remember your wedding day is about YOU and YOUR PARTNER.. No one else. Choose what will make you happy.

You Have Time to Relax

Traditional weddings often come with a strict timeline from the moment you book your venue to the week before your big day. You have to finalize guest lists, decide on table linens, and manage numerous other details well in advance.

In contrast, eloping offers a more relaxed approach. You don’t need to decide on the exact location of your ceremony or the start time until a few months before. At Escape and Adventure, we provide an elopement planning questionnaire after you book with us, but you have the flexibility to take your time with it.

While it’s necessary to have a general idea of your elopement location before booking any vendors, most other details can be figured out closer to the day. This allows you to plan at your own pace and truly enjoy the process.

Prioritize Photography and Videography

I might be a bit biased as a photographer / videographer, but I’ve seen firsthand the difference it makes when couples prioritize photography and film for their wedding day. It is the single most important investment you’ll make when planning your elopement, as you can never redo those moments. Your elopement photographer and videographer captures lifelong memories that you will cherish forever. High-quality photos and film allow you to relive your special day for generations to come, and I believe this is invaluable.

Your wedding photographer and videographer isn’t just there to snap pictures; they’ll become a friend and an integral part of your day. They’ll ensure your hair and makeup are on point, guide you through poses, and capture your day authentically. Seeing your elopement gallery and film after your honeymoon lets you revisit moments you might have missed and relive the highlights of your day.

Hiring a wedding photographer or videographer early on can also help with planning your elopement. Many photographers, including myself, offer assistance with your wedding day timeline to ensure everything runs smoothly. This added support can alleviate stress and let you focus on enjoying your day.

While the florist, hair and makeup artist, and officiant all play crucial roles in making your elopement dreams a reality, if you leave photography until the last minute, you might end up with a less experienced photographer who doesn’t capture your memories as beautifully as they should be. Prioritizing photography and videography ensures you have stunning, professional photos and film that reflect the true essence of your wedding day.

Invite Guests Who Make You Happy

If you want guests at your elopement, consider who is most important to you. While you can invite anyone, nature elopements limit the number of guests compared to private venue weddings.

Eloping in nature, I recommend inviting no more than 15 guests due to Leave No Trace principles. This ensures that your special day leaves a minimal impact on the environment and not be crowded in a small area. By keeping your guest list intimate, you create a more personal and meaningful experience, surrounded by people who truly support and cherish your marriage

Elopements offer a unique opportunity to craft a wedding day that is entirely about you and your partner. Without the pressures and formalities of a large traditional wedding, you can focus on the genuine emotions and connections that define your relationship. This can mean sharing heartfelt vows in a serene mountain setting, having a quiet beach ceremony at sunrise, or exploring a forest trail hand-in-hand. An intimate guest list allows you to create these special moments without distraction.

Moreover, elopements often mean more flexibility in your day’s schedule, so you can enjoy every moment without feeling rushed. With fewer guests, you can also choose more remote and breathtaking locations that might not be feasible for larger groups. Your wedding day becomes an adventure that reflects your shared passions and dreams, with each moment captured beautifully and authentically.

Choosing the right guests to share this day with you ensures that the love and happiness of your wedding are amplified, creating an atmosphere of genuine joy and celebration. It’s about quality over quantity—making sure that those who are there are truly there for you, enhancing your experience rather than detracting from it.

Planning your elopement can be stressful if you don’t remember some of these helpful tips for wedding planning.

Remember to take a deep breath and focus on the big picture – getting married to your best friend!

This is a once in a lifetime experience, so don’t let leading up to your big day create more stress than you deserve. You deserve all the love, support, and happiness—and I am here for you every step of the way!

Hey, I’m Kelcee!

I would love to be your ADVENTURE elopement photographer

I’ve been capturing elopements since 2021, and it’s my passion to help adventurous couples like you create the perfect wedding day.

Your elopement is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, and you deserve the support to make it uniquely yours. Together, we’ll create quality memories that beautifully tell your love story, lasting a lifetime.