Planning your wedding day can be stressful and leave you feeling like you’re alone during the process. you have no idea where to even begin or what you should be focusing on in the moment.

take a deep breathe because everything will be ok!

here is a helpful guide with some tips to remember when planning your wedding day!


Your wedding day is the day you commit your love to each other forever. It is a day when all your friends and family come together to celebrate your relationship!

Your wedding should reflect who you are as a couple – your love story, your interests, things you have done or dream of doing together.

Don’t go on Pinterest and copy someone else’s wedding ideas. Take inspiration of what you like from your multiple pinterest boards (I know you have more than one) and create a style you would want to see on your wedding day.

One example you can do to include a more personal touch of your relationship on your wedding day is to include a few things from your life:
Photos of you and your partner when you first met to now as table centerpieces or hanging on a wall.
Include a personal video of past memories you and your guests can watch during dinner.
Create a custom music playlist you and your partner put together for your DJ to play during cocktail hour.
Walk down the aisle to a composition of your favorite movie or video game.

Now when it comes to wedding planning keep in mind that a lot of your friends and family may want to help out by giving their advice or opinions on your ideas.

Just because for example your relative is helping you plan your wedding day thinks you need huge flower centerpieces doesn’t mean you have to listen to their advice.

Of course be grateful and acknowledge their kindness. But always remember your wedding day is about YOU and YOUR PARTNER.. No one else’s! Choose what will make you happy.

Start planning with a budget first

Before you start planning a wedding I first recommend crunching the numbers and determine the “must haves” on your wedding day.

Most couples often start with finding a wedding venue that may be out of their budget and end up stress searching for a “budget friendly” wedding vendor that may not be the best service provider.

Talk with your partner and consider a total cost of your wedding day before signing any contracts. Once you have your number set in stone you can work out what type of venue you’re looking for, pick out the perfect vendors who will help turn your wedding dreams into a reality, and figure out how many guests you can invite.

After deciding those important details for your special day you can include all the extras like souvenirs, decorations, matching robes for you and your bridal party, and anything else your heart desires.

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Prioritize Photography

Yes I may be biased for saying this but after seeing the difference between couples who choose to wait until last minute to find their wedding photographer I can’t express how important photography is! It is the single most important purchase you will make on your wedding day you can never redo.

Your wedding photographer captures your lifelong memories you will cherish forever. Having quality photos that will last a lifetime you can look back on and relive your memories for generations to come I personally think is so important.

Your wedding photographer will become good friends with you! They’ll make sure to capture your wedding day the way you experience it. They’ll tell you when your hair or makeup needs to be fixed. Also they’ll help you out when posing you for portraits and be clear on if that post is good or not.

Seeing your wedding gallery after you adventure off to your honeymoon you get to look back at all the moments you missed and relive your favorite parts of your special day.

Another important thing about hiring a wedding photographer first is they will become good friends with you and might help with your wedding day timeline! I know I include that in my wedding packages. They’ll make sure your day runs smoothly with them and keep you from stressing on what’s supposed to happen next.

The DJ, florals, hair and makeup, decorations, catering, and desserts are all important for anyone’s wedding day – if anything they help your wedding dreams become a reality and without them there would be no wedding.

But if you spent all your budget on those vendors and save photography for last, you may end up with a cheap (or even free) photographer who doesn’t have any wedding experience and who may capture your memories horribly and you’ll think of your wedding photos differently than how you experienced your wedding day.

Invite guests who will make you happy

If wanting to stay under a specific amount of people on your guest list is what’s stressing you out the most, take a deep breath. Everything will be ok!

Start with creating a list of people you know – both you and your partner.

After drawing up a list, circle the names of those who you absolutely want at your wedding. Your parents? Your siblings? Your bestest friend you’ve known since kindergarten? This list usually includes immediate family and your closest friends.

If you haven’t gone over the limit yet, circle or star the names of people you would love to attend but wouldn’t be too upset if they couldn’t make it. Maybe your family friends you’ve known since you were little? New friends you’ve met at church?

If you need to make some cuts, start at the bottom of your priority list and go up from there until you reach your ideal guest count.

One problem every wedding planning couple encounters is their parents or relatives mentioning “you should invite my cousin you’ve never met. You should invite my friend, Linda”.

This is a friendly reminder that it is your wedding day! Just because someone important to you suggests you should invite someone you may know, doesn’t mean you have to. The same advice goes towards coworkers, Facebook friends, pen pals, and even your cousin you haven’t spoke to in years.

Invite the people you want to be by your side to celebrate.

Preparing for your big day can be stressful if you don’t remember some of these helpful tips for wedding planning.

Remember to take a deep breath and focus on the big picture – getting married to your best friend!

This is a once in a lifetime experience, so don’t let leading up to your big day create more stress than you deserve. You deserve all the love, support, and happiness!

And I am here for you every step of the way! Reach out to me and tell me ALL about your wedding dreams. I am here for you WITH ALL THE LOVE, SUPPORT, AND TIPS FOR WEDDING PLANNING.


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I’m here to help you with all things adventure & elopements. From scouting out your ceremony location to planning your adventurous elopement timeline, I’ll help you plan your best day ever, take away any stress you are experiencing, and support you as your new best friend.

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