Unique Unity Ceremony Ideas

Your wedding day is the day you commit your love to your bestest friend forever. It is a personal celebration of your marriage to each other and can include many different traditions – like a unique unity ceremony.

But what is a unity ceremony?

A unity ceremony is a ritual that is practiced in many different cultures. It is a formal ceremony that unites two people in marriage or civil union. The term ‘unity’ refers to the legal or religious service that takes place in front of an officiant or ordained priest.

A unity ceremony often looks like reading vows and exchanging rings, but you aren’t limited to these traditional options. In fact, here are some creative wedding unity ceremony ideas that will personalize your big day.


Liz and Alex included handfasting in their elopement plans.

After exchanging vows and rings their officiant, Robin, tied a braided cord around their hands before they seal their love with a kiss.

This ceremony symbolizes the commitment of their love together.


Manda and John wanted a more spiritual tradition during their ceremony by washing each other’s hands. Washing each other’s hands washes away the past and starts your marriage fresh.

The hand washing ceremony is a way of showing your vulnerability and bringing you closer.


Kimberly and Alex wanted to include their family during their ceremony by lighting a colored candle.

The unity candle ceremony starts with the parents lighting two smaller candles onto one large candle (representing the merging of the two families). Then the couple completes the unity by doing the same thing.

If you are wanting a cute and simple keepsake from your wedding day this is a perfect idea to put next to your photo album or under your photo gallery wall.

unity LOCK

This ceremony tradition is a unique way of expressing love and commitment to each other.

Kyla & Hunter took a personal twist on the unity candle by ordering custom engraved locks off of Etsy and locking their hearts together as a symbol of their love will be forever.

One way to include this unique unity ceremony idea in your home after your wedding is putting it in a shadowbox with some of your favorite photos and souvenirs from your special day.

Photo credit: Natalie N Photography

volcano eruption

Natalie shared with me a very unique and never seen before unity ceremony her couple’s partook during their wedding day!

K+K made the volcano ahead of time complete with tiny dinosaurs (which are my absolute favorite) and decorations to look like a real volcano.

During their ceremony they poured vinegar together into the volcano to make it “erupt”.

This is such a fun idea if you are a child at heart, love science, or even dinosaurs. Everyone at K + K’s wedding was cracking up at this unique unity ceremony idea.


If you love nature and plants this would be a perfect unity ceremony idea for you. Tanja shared with me this amazing couple planting a tree together in a beautiful pot to travel with them.

If you don’t want to your hands dirty you can include little glass jars filled with soil to pour in the pot.

Eventually this cute sapling tree will need to be planted when it grows outside the pot but being able to grow a tree of life together on your wedding day is very a unique and meaningful idea.



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